Get to Know the Lonestar Social Services Team

Lonestar Social Services, a social service agency provides many valuable services to the community. We are a dedicated team of professionals dedicated to serving Texas' most precious resource, our children. Lonestar Social Services offers foster care services and adoptions.

Foster care is an integral part of caring for children who have been abused and or neglected. Having loving homes to care for children who's parents are unable or unwilling to do so is our top priority. Our goal is to have every child in Texas in a safe, loving environment.

Dr. James W. Mercer

Executive Director

Dr. Jason W. Fulton

Chief of Operations

Jessica Jones

Region 1 Director

Alyssa Ramirez

Region 3 & 4 Director

Michelle Lingreen

Region 5 & 6 Director

Becky Mercer

Region 7 Director

Mark A. Juliano

Director of Communtiy Relations

Zelda Minors


Amanda Andes

Family Home Developer

John Mercer

Foster Home Developer

Bianca Esquivel

Case Manager

Rebecca Queen

Case Manager

Sara Wehring

Case Manager

Zachary Kraemer

Case Manager

Amber Brown

Case Manager

Ray Morris

Community Liaison

Anita Alvarez

Community Liaison

Denise Hyde

Adoption Attorney
(512) 474-9911

Glyne Worrell

Adoption Attorney Dallas Branch