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Supporting Children in Foster Care System

Thousands of Texas children are currently in foster care. Some were removed to their home due to abuse or neglect, while others have family situations that are in flux. All of these children desperately need homes and the care of a person they can trust.

At Lonestar Social Services, we are passionate about helping children in the Texas foster care system. Our team takes pride in having helped place many of these children into loving homes. As our mission is coming to fruition, we believe that now is the time to expand our advocacy.

Lonestar Fostering Connections is the newest aspect of our organization. It is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit body that was exclusively created for the benefit of the foster children. With the support of donors and volunteers, we aim to continue helping children.

Lonestar Fostering Connections supports kinship homes who have taken custody of their biological family members who are within CPS care. LFC provides kinship homes with discounts off of requirements needed for the licensing process and to comply with Texas minimum standards for foster homes. Some examples of services and items offered are fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, reimbursements for FBI fingerprints, child safety locks and other miscellaneous needs to comply with the state standards for a foster home. LFC wants to support kinship placements and keep children with their biological family by providing these much-needed services.

Lonestar Fostering Connections also provides services for traditional foster families such as birthday gifts, supplies and equipment after a new foster placement and other necessities. Some examples of the items LFC often supplies to foster families are clothing, shoes, hygiene products, toys/entertainment, small furniture, beds, diapers, bottles, blankets, comfort items, nightlights, backpacks/duffels/luggage, school supplies, etc. LFC also collects donations to provide events for foster children and their families to provide connection with other children in foster care and to create a sense of normalcy.

Lonestar Fostering Connections supports Heritage House and Hospital as well. Heritage House and Hospital is a new shelter and psychiatric facility located in San Saba, Texas. Since Heritage House and Hospital is still getting established, all necessary supplies and equipment is needed to provide a safe shelter for children who are unable to be placed in a traditional foster home. LFC helps gather donations to help support this endeavor.

Lonestar Fostering Connections would like to make dreams come true for foster children in traditional foster homes, kinship homes, emergency shelters or psychiatric hospitals by providing them with experiences and items that they have wished for as well as the basic necessities of life. A gift to Lonestar Fostering Connections is not just a donation; it is an investment to our foster children, families, and the community to meet the complex, diverse needs of children in foster care.

Help Change a Child’s Life

We believe that your support is powerful. If you want to help change a child’s life, you can donate to our organization. Together, we can achieve the best future for our community and our children.